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Here you will find answers to questions that we are asked frequently. If your personal questions are not answered below, please send us an e-mail to or call us at Tel. or call us: +49 (0) 30 – 25 92 37 81 . We look forward to helping you!
We only found out about the disco in the hostel/hotel and would like to will also be there, but have not filled out any registration. Is that possible?
Groups can register until the evening of the event, either via the hostel/hotel or by phone. Groups that come to the event on good luck can also find admission if capacities are available. Payment will then be made in cash on site.
We are all only 15 years old, can we even go to the club?
Of course! We have a closed event so that’s not a problem. However, the prerequisite is that you have a teacher with you. Teachers can sit back and relax in a separate lounge!
Our teachers do not want to come along, but have allowed us to go to the disco. Can we enter without an accompanying person?
No! Students are only allowed to enter if accompanied by a supervisor!!!
We are a swimming club from Berlin and would also like to join the Berlin Club! Can we register?
No, unfortunately not. Only registered groups that are guests in Berlin or Munich are allowed to enter!
Our students are 17 years old and should not be allowed to drink alcohol, can you make sure that?
Yes, the accompanying person determines at the entrance to the club whether the students are allowed to drink alcohol or not within the framework of the Youth Protection Act. The students receive colored bracelets accordingly.
We had great days in Berlin. On our final evening my 16-year-old students should be allowed to drink a beer. If I give permission to consume alcohol during the D light event, can the number of alcoholic beverages also be regulated?
Yes, after consultation with you, the students would receive 1 – maximum 3 – drink vouchers in addition to the green bracelet, which they must hand in at the bar when buying an alcoholic beverage. Once the voucher has been used up, the young people can only buy soft drinks. Incidentally, no spirits, mixed drinks and alcopops are sold at our events.
As a teacher, I also attach great importance to hearing protection for my students. Is the volume of the music regulated in the club?
Hearing protection is also important to us. The clubs we rent are equipped with the latest technology and the volume level is regulated to the recommended maximum.
Are students allowed to leave the club during the event?
The young people are only allowed to leave the club with the permission of the teacher. Of course, the separate outdoor areas of the clubs are available to everyone to catch their breath.